Innovative Control and Water Savings using the Maric Flow Controller

Maric Flow Controllers have been discovered by the Mining Industry as a very simple control valve which limits flow rate in a number of applications, and which results in a tremendous water saving, and better control.

Due to the nature of its operation, the Maric is “self cleaning” and not effected by dirty mine water. Some of the applications in the Mining and other Industries are listed below:

Gland Service Water on Pumps

Supply of gland service water on slurry pumps has traditionally been achieved through complicated pressure regulators, where each gland’s pressure has to be set accurately in order to achieve the right flow rate through the gland. The problem with this is that the regulators are adjustable and easily tampered with. If the pressure is set slightly too high, the glands consume far too much water with water wastage and also dilution of the slurry. The Maric Flow controller controls the water flow to the glands at exactly the right flow, irrespective of water pressure, is much simpler and cheaper than pressure regulators, and is also tamper-proof. In these applications the Maric is usually supplied in a 10mm, 15mm or 25mm stainless steel body with female screwed ends.

Pump Control Valves

Maric is ideal as a pump control valve to keep the pump on its efficiency curve, irrespective of pressures or demands. Traditionally, this function is achieved with a complicated self actuated control valve, or electrically actuated valve. This can, in most cases, be done by the Maric Flow Control valve. If demand is too low, the Maric will be in the fully open position. The excess flow supplied by the pump might have to be “bypassed” to the suction tank by a pressure sustaining valve. If demand is too high, the Maric will protect the pump by “throttling” and supplying the maximum flow the pump has been designed for. This will prevent damaging overrun of the pump, and unnecessary trip outs. Maric provides an ideal solution to most pump control applications in a simple, tamper-proof and mine-worthy manner.

Control of Underground Cooling Cars

Cooling cars have an optimum flow rate at which they operate most efficiently. The Maric Flow Control valve has been proven to provide both efficient flow control and also resulting in large water saving on cooling car applications.

Pressure & Flow Distribution

In areas where one draw-off could be taking most of the water and “starving” other take-offs, Maric is ideal as an even water distribution device. Mine hostels or mining change rooms are typical applications where even draw-off of water in shower heads is always a problem to achieve. The addition of a Maric in shower heads, or at strategic positions in the distribution lines, will overcome this situation.

Water Conservation

Maric has been successfully used in the mining industry as a water-saving device. For instance, if a Maric is installed in a pipeline supplying machine water to a section in the mine where excess water is used due to leakages, and leaving water off-takes open during non-usage, only the required flow rate will be allowed. If the water pressure drops off to the end users, the shift boss or maintenance staff will know they are using too much water, and will be forced to fix the leaks.

In a “pilot” project on one of the gold mines in South Africa, a huge saving was achieved by installing Marics in 100mm pipelines and supplying only 4 l/s. By installing the valves as wafer bodies (in PVC material) between flanges, the Miners don’t even know there are flow restriction valves installed, and are not tempted to remove or tamper with them.


The Maric is an Australian innovation by a company called Maric, which recently celebrated its 50 year anniversary. The above examples are just a small list of many applications for Maric Flow Control valves. Ultra Control Valves have been appointed as exclusive distributors for the African continent, with license to make the valve bodies in South Africa.

Maric is now Proudly South African.

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