Pressure Sustaining Valves

Pressure Sustaining and Relief valves do the same function depending on where and how they are installed in a system. They both control the pressure upstream of the valve.

  • On the downstream side of a Pressure Reducing valve and installed to “Tee” out of the pipeline, they serve as a method of preventing overpressure in the pipe system if the Pressure Reducing valve malfunctions or takes too long to close during a rapid demand reduction in the pipe system.
  • On the delivery side of a Pump and “inline”, it serves to make sure the Pump is operating on its efficiency point of the Pump curve.
  • On the discharge side of a pump and installed to “Tee” off the pipeline, it serves to ensure that the pump will not need to operate below its minimum demand point by relieving the excess flow to the suction side of the pump.
  • On any piping system it can be installed to ensure that one demand point does not use excessive water and “starving” the rest of the system.

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