Level Control Valves

Level control valves are ideal for allowing normal forward flow to fill water reservoirs to a desired high level and where the pilot and valve of the reservoirs are easily accessible. The level control valve can function as a two position valve, either open or closed, or as a modulating control where the valve is allowed to open only to the point where it controls the level to always be at the same “full” point. In the “open-closed” version, the valve remains closed when the reservoir level drops, until the float reaches the pre-determined adjustable minimum reservoir level. The level control valve then opens to refill the reservoir and closes tightly when high water level is achieved. The valve then allows flow into the reservoir to the maximum high level where it closes drip-tight. The valve remains closed when the reservoir level drops until the float reaches the pre-determined minimum reservoir level at which time it opens to refill the reservoir.

There are a lot of hydraulic conditions which have to be considered to decide which is the ideal Level control valve ie Dynamic head, static head, maximum flow rate required and other factors which make the choice and sizing of Level Control valves an important subject for consideration by the Engineer.

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