Surge Tank vs Air Valves in Water Hammer reduction

Surge tanks are one of the oldest of surge alleviation methods. In the past they were seen as the only reliable way to deal with surge in pipelines but air valves have come a long way since then and are now a viable alternative.

Surge tanks inject water into a pipeline where a surge event causes low pressure, or allow water out of a pipeline where a surge event causes in high pressure.

They’re mostly closed systems. The surge tank does not actually consume water. Water that is injected during a low pressure event is removed afterwards. Similarly water that is removed during a high pressure event is returned once the pressure drops. Continue reading


Download all the details of the 2013 Surge Seminar here: Surge Seminar 2013.

Ultra has been involved with the Presenting of a high level Surge Seminar covering all aspects of Water Hydraulics, the analysis of Transient flows and the reduction of Water hammer causing events, in conjunction with one of its Principals (ARI Flow Control). The main presentors are:

  • Prof Srinivasa – involved with the development of Surge 2000 software and one of the world’s leaders in Surge Modeling and provision of practical solutions.
  • Yiftach Brunner of ARI with an extensive knowledge of doing Surge Analysis and utilizing Air valves and other equipments such as Surge Tanks in providing solutions.
  • Short presentations by various Equipment suppliers with specific emphasis on Surge Alleviation.

The course runs over 3 days at chosen venues around the country and earn 3 CPD points.

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