Teflon Lined Butterfly Valves

The teflon lined butterfly valve is the latest style butterfly valves. Since the standard valve has a lined body and disc, it is capable of resisting attack from even the most corrosive of chemicals. The teflon lined butterfly valve can also be supplied with a large array of metal discs, in the event that greater resistance is required. The main features of the valve are listed below, highlighting why it is becoming such a popular choice in the industry.

  • Maintenance free, live loaded, Triple Seal design assures bubble tight shutoff:
    • The primary seal is formed at the disc hub by the spherical ball and socket disc/liner seal.
    • An independent secondary seal of teflon covered convolutions on the disc stem enhances sealing with its tortuous no-leak path design.
    • Finally, the O-rings in the alloy gland follower offer added protection from external media corrosion as well as preventing leakage to the atmosphere.
  • Assured leak tight sealing by a compression ring which keeps the dynamic pre-load force constant while energizing the various components of the triple shaft seal design.
  • Never needs adjustment of the dynamic live loaded shaft seal.
  • Resists the effect of atmospheric corrosion due to the epoxy coated body and mounting plate.

If you would like more information on teflon lined butterfly valves, or would like to know specifically which valve you should use in your system, get in touch through our contact page.